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The comparison calculator will be happy to suggest the suitable loan offer, in individual cases. Simply submit an application directly – without any obligation.

The software will then automatically guide you to the right car loan.

Car loan despite credit bureau advertising

Car loan despite credit bureau advertising

Despite or without credit bureau, car loans are easy to find in advertising. Predominantly intermediaries advertise loans with bad credit bureau. The prospect will even discover exactly what he is hoping for. Apparently, credit bureau doesn’t matter at all if you only ask Google.

Car loan despite credit bureau – safe – quick – problem solved

Unfortunately, advertising for car loans despite credit bureau or without credit bureau and reality are difficult to match. Without credit bureau, for example, not even a bank based in Germany may grant the loan. Competition for applicants is also limited. Mediators fight for every application.

However, the few banks that grant credit do not. They are keen to provide secure credit. Despite credit bureau, car loan is by no means a mass commodity like regular credit. So the question arises, what is it problematic about it?

Car loan despite credit bureau – problem

Car loan despite credit bureau - problem

The problem with negative credit bureau loans is not credit bureau, basically credit bureau only does its job. It prevents banks from lending to people who would be overwhelmed with the repayment. It protects capital and the borrower at the same time.

Overall, credit bureau even ensures that loans remain affordable. The score only supports people who are considered safe payers. The whole thing also has a blemish. The credit bureau is not infallible in its forecast.

It uses data that are primarily based on the past. A paid “misstep” lowers the score for another three years. This is exactly the chance of getting a car loan despite credit bureau. Some applicants are basically wrongly rejected.

Although he hardly gets a credit opportunity from regular lenders despite credit bureau, a few banks offer to examine the individual case. The applicant can prove that he can really afford his car loan. With evidence, he invalidates the negative credit bureau forecast.

Car loan despite credit bureau – without credit bureau or despite credit bureau

Car loan despite credit bureau - without credit bureau or despite credit bureau

Very few can actually imagine something under the terms despite credit bureau or without credit bureau. You only know that the negative credit bureau entry prevents your credit. Without credit bureau means that credit bureau is left out. Sounds good at first, but it has a huge disadvantage.

Shutting out credit bureau entirely means having access to only three sources of credit. Only really credit bureaufrei credit can offer:

  • the pawnshop
  • a single foreign bank
  • private donors (basically only friends are eligible)

Despite credit bureau, i.e. with credit bureau query and reporting approved credit to credit bureau, there are potential sources of credit.

For example:

  • Extra credit from Good Lender
  • P2P credit through portals

The big difference, whether it is possible despite credit bureau, lies in the completion of the entry. Car loan despite credit bureau from Germany requires the completion note.

Car loan despite credit bureau – with bad credit bureau from private

Car loan despite credit bureau - with bad credit bureau from private

With a private loan, for example, car financing could succeed with a higher loan amount despite credit bureau. Because, private donors are not legally obliged to check creditworthiness, unlike any bank.

However, the well-known portals, Lite lender or Capital Lender, work together with credit bureau. This limits the real offer. Lite lender, for example, offers the cheaper interest rate, but continues to restrict it. The “done” note was already six months ago. Capital Lender is more generous. But an “effective” interest rate of 18.40% “threatens”. (Read from a car loan of 15,000 USD with a term of 60 months).

Car loan despite credit bureau – offers without credit bureau

Car loan despite credit bureau - offers without credit bureau

With the advertisement, the loan seeker is promised to get any loan amount free of credit bureau. This would allow him to pay for a luxury car in cash, right at the nearest car dealer. This would be possible if the customer leases the car free of credit bureau and leaves an extremely high down payment. A car loan without credit bureau comes from a foreign bank.

As far as is known, only one Liechtenstein bank has a checker’s approval to grant German credit bureau free loans. Only Lender Bank is authorized to offer credit bureau-free loans.

But, the bank does not provide pure auto finance. The loans that come from abroad are not earmarked. No guarantor or other loan security can influence lending. Before the bank approves a loan, however, it checks the creditworthiness of the customer very carefully.

credit bureau doesn’t matter, but different conditions.

Car loan despite credit bureau – Conditions of the Best Bank

Car loan despite credit bureau - Conditions of the Best Bank 

The loan is secured by income. That is why it must not be pledged. It must be above the garnishment exemption limit and show a garnishable portion. The customer signs an assignment.

It is important for the approval that the customer has a permanent employment relationship. The length of employment varies depending on the amount of the loan. So, for 3500 USD credit, a fixed activity of one year can be demonstrated. It’s 36 months for a 5000 USD loan and 48 months for a 7500 USD loan.

As everyone now sees, it’s just very small amounts of credit. Thus, the financing of a new car should not succeed. Here the focus should be on a used car. The loan can be applied for directly at the bank or through a reputable credit broker.

Cream bank or Agree Bank would be suitable as a route through the intermediary. These mediations check before. The pre-examination works out the credit opportunities “despite and without credit bureau”.



Customers are looking specifically for car financing without or despite credit bureau after they have been rejected by regular banks. For regular credit, the negative credit bureau means practically always the rejection.

Regardless of whether the entry is marked as completed or not, the credit bureau Score shows an increased risk of default. With this, the bank automatically declines even before a credit check takes place.

Denying the credit bureau query across the board does not lead to the goal, but also to rejection. The adequate car loan despite credit bureau from Germany usually comes from special providers. It is always a small loan from the foreign bank, with a ceiling of 7500 USD.


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